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The Other Side of You is a story about passion, romance, surprise, and friendships. Individual paths cross, bringing about relationships between people that are formed during the most unlikely circumstances, offering hope, and the courage to make it through, even when there seems to be nothing but darkness at the end of the tunnel.

Interior designer, Morgan Whitley is confident, classy, and happy with the life she has made for herself. Satisfied with a busy schedule; not leaving much time for socializing or romance, a trip to London will bring with it an
unexpected encounter that ends up changing her life forever. Thus allowing Morgan, for the first time, to experience what itís like to truly be in loveÖ.. and to be loved, offering her the chance to fulfill her need for affection. But not until she is able to put the demons from her past behind her, is she able to enjoy the pleasures associated with being in love and an unexpected encounter ends up changing her life forever.

Airline pilot Jason Moore fit into Morganís hectic world perfectly. He is not demanding of her time, nor is he around very often. But something was unique about their relationship; it progressed quickly and without warning. Morgan is overwhelmed by the passion and sexual chemistry they share and she is thankful that she allowed herself the opportunity to experience something so special.  Jason was the most incredibly loving, passionate man she ever met. But one small favor would end up costing them everything. And a well kept secret is revealed at a most unwelcome time. The route that Morganís life would now follow brings about a revelation that seems impossible. Her faith and physical well-being are tested and a special bond is formed between strangers that may have never existed.

The Other Side of You
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She Cried in the Dark
She Cried in the Dark    Is a novel of courage and hope, friends and family come together and embrace not only the gift of life, but the unfortunate death of loved ones. This story captures one womanís heroic journey as she falls victim to the demons associated with not only losing her precious child but her beloved husband as well, only to find herself searching desperately for a way out of the darkness. Shocking surprises and unexpected twists force Maci to survive selfishly in a world that is no longer hersÖ throwing her into an unfamiliar existence plagued with alcohol abuse. Sadly, Maciís little girl is forced to cope through the loss and grief by herself which almost proves fatal.

Thankful for a friendship that develops with a compassionate doctor who has also experienced his own loss, Maci leans on him as her life shatters into a million pieces. Fortunately, a powerful force brings the two strangers together, leaving them to discover the true meaning of friendship and undying love. The extraordinary journey that this young motherís life is about to begin, offers her a second chance at a future she could only have imaginedÖgiving her lost soul the direction she has been searching for, along with the possibility for healing and redemption. At long last she would be able to move forward with a new chapter in her life, and bring to an end the old one, only to find out that life changing secrets could end up being a blessing in disguise.

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